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Ready to Accept Your First Mobile Wallet Payment?

NFC stands for "Near Field Communication". NFC is a short-ranged wireless technology that allows devices to communicate with each other over short distances.

Are You Ready?
NFC Payments to
top $180 Billion
Worldwide in 2017

An NFC transaction begins at checkout when a consumer waves or taps their smartphone near the merchant’s NFC reader. Payment is deducted from a pre-paid account or charged to a designated credit card, so there’s no need for the customer to pull out a wallet or credit card to complete the sale.

NFC transactions are convenient, quick and compatible with coupon and special offer redemptions, making it an excellent marketing tool for merchants who want to draw in customers. NFC is also touted as being more secure than a credit card, which can easily be stolen. Currently Android is shipping 1 million NFC enabled mobile devices each week.

It is inevitable that this new “tap and go” technology will be adopted here in time with the cooperation of phone manufacturers, banks and merchant services providers like Yoozy. Retailers and service providers should be ready to adapt their operations to accept NFC shoppers as it becomes more widely available.

ViVOpay 4500m: Latest Technology at Minimum Cost!
The ViVOpay 4500m contactless and magnetic stripe payment device provides merchants with an integrated acceptance device for all payment transactions. Customers can tap their contactless cards, key fobs and NFC mobile phones or swipe their magnetic stripe cards to make a payment.


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