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Go Mobile with Yoozy!

Yoozy Mobile puts the power of accepting payments directly in to your hands. It works on most smartphone operating systems. Simply download the application, activate your account, and you are ready to begin accepting credit cards today.

Did you know?
You pay higher
rates to manually key
in a transaction
than to swipe.

•  Process Payments from your smartphone, Anytime. Anywhere.
•  Saves money on processing fees
•  Small device plugs into the headphone jack of your smartphone or iPad
•  Accept tips (gratuity)
•  Instant Approval for Credit Cards
•  GPS stamps and on screen signature
•  Voice To Text Data Entry
•  View or export customer transaction history
•  On-board Customer Database with Phone Number look-up
•  Securely stores transactions in que when you lose signal
•  Automatically processes stored swipes when signal is restored
•  Email Receipts for card and cash sales
•  Completely secure and confidence inspiring with 3DES encryption

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