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Yoozy Partner Programs

Financial Institution Program

Today’s economy and recent legislation have driven financial institutions to search for new and better non-fee based revenue sources. Products involving payments, merchant services and card processing are staples that you must include in your product portfolio to grow and be successful. We offer customized payment programs for all types of financial institutions. Together we can evaluate your resources to build a program dedicated to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic referral partner or a full service program with dedicated sales executives and a revenue sharing model, we have the solution to position you and your clients for success. The benefit for you is increased earnings from ongoing revenue generated by account activity and the ability to attract and retain business clients. Your clients will benefit by receiving a consultative statement analysis, competitive processing fees and equipment bundles and 24/7 support.

Franchise and Association Programs

As a corporation or business association, you understand the importance of adding value to your franchisees and members through education, resources, products, and solutions that help grow their businesses and bottom lines. Our program can help your franchisees and association members become more competitive, profitable, and successful with our quality products, superior services, and specialized programs. The benefit is a revenue sharing opportunity to the sponsor organization while having full access to our sales, support and marketing staff. Your Franchisees and Members will benefit by having comprehensive payments acceptance, consultative statement analysis and competitive volume-based processing fees that they expect from your endorsement.

Merchant Referral Program

As a business owner we know you are always looking for ways to streamline revenue and increase profits. If you are a cpa, web developer, business consultant, or any type of B2B provider, you probably have a rolodex of clients and business owners that we can turn into additional cash flow for your business. Let’s maximize the profitability of those contacts, clients and customers by offering them superior service and technology for their payment needs. With our referral partner program, we can customize a payment program that best fits your needs. The benefit is a revenue sharing opportunity that you virtually do nothing for. Your referrals will benefit from reduced operating costs and increase profitability which will just make them that much more loyal to you.

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