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Get Paid Faster

Grow your revenue by expanding your payment possibilities.

How long does it
take for you to
collect on your
20% of small businesses
admit to forgetting to
follow-up on outstanding
invoices, and 80% of
small businesses are
experiencing late payments

PayTally™ is a cloud based payment solution that enables you to invoice, collect, track and manage your receivables in one user-friendly system.

Highlights of Features:

•  Process payments and manage invoices from your computer
•  Securely store customer information
•  Process major credit cards and ACH/eCheck payments
•  Run recurring billing schedules
•  Customers Login to view invoices and make payments
•  Visual reports provide a snapshot of your cash flow
•  Send automatic email invoices, notifications and receipts
•  Payments are deposited to your bank account
•  Customizable interface (your logo & web page)
•  Consolidated Payment History / Records
•  Exportable reports and customer data

How your business benefits:

•  Simplified accounts receivable—track invoices and payments in one place
•  Faster payments – No more mail, manual reconciliation, or trips to the bank
•  Automated accounting features save you time
•  Significant cost reduction for invoicing and billing
•  Customers love the ease of automatic and online options
•  Increase on-time payments and bill collection
•  Average PayTally customer saves 20 hours / month collecting payments

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