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It’s a Gift Card World!

Gift cards aren’t just for holidays anymore; birthdays are the #1 occasion for gift card purchases. They are one of the hottest products out there today. According to the National Retail Federation, the average consumer spends over $165 on gift cards in December alone! Giftcards are easy to implement and drive huge results. Get some today!

Would you like
free cash flow?
30% of gift cards are
never redeemed so
that’s FREE money in
your pocket!

Why should I start selling gift cards?

  • 51% of consumers who receive gift cards spend more than the card’s initial value.
  • 53% of consumers want a gift card as a holiday gift.
  • Gift cards make up 31.3% of graduation presents
  • Increased sales
  • Retail full face value – no cash back for any unused balances

Why should I switch from paper certificates to plastic cards?

  • No Cash Back
  • Value remaining after partial redemption stays on the card and in your register
  • Cards can be reloaded and reissued again and again
  • Plastic cards are harder to counterfeit than paper certificates
  • More efficient and cost effective than paper
  • No “back room” accounting; generate electronic reports
  • Switching from paper to plastic can result in 200% growth in related sales because they are more visible and widely publicized everywhere

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