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Payment options mean more sales.

We understand that accepting credit card is more than a simple swipe. Yoozy combines unmatched customer service with cutting edge technology to provide you with the best merchant services available.

Smart cards are here. Are you ready?

Smart Cards will
help to virtually eliminate fraudulent payments.
In 2010, there were 761
breaches. 63% were at
companies with 100
employees or fewer. And
Visa estimates that 95%
of the credit card
data breaches it discovers
are on its smallest business customers.

Did you know that the magnetic stripes on the back of your credit cards is about to be an antiquated technology? Over 1 million smart cards were issued in the United States in 2011. If one of those cards comes into your store, are you ready to accept it? Is your technology up to date or are you going to lose the sale?

Most of the world has fully migrated or is in the process of migrating to EMV chip technology for debit and credit payments. So you are probably asking yourself “What is EMV, and what do I need to know about it?” EMV refers to an industry standard for processing transactions using a chip-based card, which is often called a “smart card”.

The distinguishing feature of EMV is that the consumer payment application resides in a secure chip that is embedded in a plastic payment card or in a personal device such as a mobile phone.  The chip provides three key elements:

  • It can store information
  • It can perform processing
  • It is a secure element, capable of storing personal information securely and performs cryptographic processing.

These key elements mean secure consumer payments for you virtually erasing the risk of fraudulent payments.

The major incentive from a merchant perspective to update technololgy is that Visa will “eliminate the requirement that eligible merchants annually validate their compliance with PCI DSS” if at least 75% of their Visa transactions originate from “dual interface EMV chip enabled terminals.”

Merchants that do not move to these new dual-interface capable terminals will eventually become liable for fraudulent card transactions that would have been prevented if they were processed over EMV terminals.

The “liability shift” is right around the corner, so it is important that you prepare today with state of the art equipment with Yoozy that will eliminate the requirement to complete your PCI Validation each year. Call us today, and let us help you with the ABCs of EMV Processing!

• Same-day Approval
• Dedicated Account Representative
• 24/7 Tech Support
• Secure Transactions
• PCI Compliant
• Competitive Rates
• Next Day Funding

Contact Us now to set up a FREE consultation, where we can show you how to improve your bottom line and business success.

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