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Yoozy Services / Check Processing

Take Checks, Not Chances!

Yoozy can take all the hassle out of processing checks by eliminating long lines at the bank and the inconvenience of NSF checks.

Did you know?
Every year 153 million
checks bounce, costing
your business an average
of $30.47 per bad check.

It only takes a few seconds to convert a handwritten check into an electronic transaction. Electronic check scanning virtually eliminates risks associated with taking checks! It's safe, secure, and most importantly… your deposits are guaranteed.

Enjoy the benefits of accepting and processing ALL types of checks, and skip the trip to the bank.

Accept checks with confidence by converting to an electronic check scanning system.

• Accept any type of Check
• Electronically deposit checks
• Merchant receives Quick funding
• Use existing Checking Account
• Payment Guaranteed
• Detailed Online Reporting
• Hassle free
• Fraud Detection
• No ACH Restrictions

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