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Yoozy Services / Cash Advances

Looking for Money? Yoozy Can Help!

Don’t fail due to a
lack of cash flow!
82% of companies fail
due to poor cash
flow management skills.
79% start out with
too little cash.
73% of companies are
overly optimistic about
sales, money required
and what needs to be
done to be successful.

Yoozy has a cash advance program that can work for you. Generate immediate capital within 5-9 business days without the need to deal with the bank! Need money for new equipment or inventory? No Problem. How about advertising or remodeling? Cash advance is the answer you’ve been looking for.

This program is ideal for merchants to meet their cash needs today with easy repayment terms. Payback is maintenance free, and taken automatically from credit card receivables incrementally on a daily basis. Benefits include:

•  No Credit Checks
•  No points or upfront fees
•  No fixed monthly payments
•  No coupons or checks to write
•  No personal guarantees for repayment
•  No business use restrictions on the funding
•  No hassles - quick application & fast funding
•  No impact on their ability to qualify for other financing
•  We get paid when you get paid!

Contact Us today and let us help you in converting “Cash Slow Into Cash Flow!”

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